Technical Notes

Posted: 09.01.2009

Technical Notes
The Region 8 USAG Committee will continue to make regional assignments in the summer. The USAG Region 8 Committee at their summer meeting made assignments for Level 9/10 and Level 7/8 regional championships. These assignments can be found in the minutes in this newsletter. Regional assignments for Prep Optional Regionals will be made based on state recommendations. If you are a judge interested in being considered for a regional meet, read on. You must fulfill the criteria listed below to be considered for a regional assignment. While no judge is guaranteed an assignment, meeting all of the criteria year after year is noticed.
In gym experience cards for regionals 2011 are now posted on the Internet. These cards can be completed using in gym experiences from June 2, 2009 – May 15, 2010. This May 15th due date is a date received. Please be sure you meet this firm deadline. Any Level 10 or higher judge must complete this card to be eligible for consideration by the Region 8 Board for assignment to a regional meet in 2011. You will not receive a card; you must print one from my web site.
Availability forms for Regional Championships are now posted on the Internet. You will not receive an individual mailing. Completed forms must be returned to Marian Dykes, with a copy to Sheila Ragle, and received by May 15, 2010.
Your USAG Region 8 Board will make recommendations from Region 8 for Level 10 J.O. Nationals and Level 9 J.O. Easterns. If a judge does not work or host at one of the Region 8 training camps, they will drop to the bottom of the rotation for Level 10 Nationals and Level 9 Easterns and will therefore be ineligible for the year. 
Clarifications for the 2009-2010 season include the following:
  • The new J.O. Code of Points is in force. It is so important for coaches and judges to familiarize themselves with the new rules.
  • All optional judges are required to recertify in 2009. Compulsory ratings continue in force with no additional action on the part of the judge.
  • Meet Directors should not publish birthdates of athletes in “pre-meet information.” Age groups may be listed using a range of birthdates.
  • Meet Directors are responsible for the charges for the first checked bag when a judge is flying to a meet. Overweight baggage cast will not be reimbursed.
  • Judges flying to a meet should deduct 30 miles roundtrip from mileage to the airport unless carpooling.
  • For levels 7-10 it is recommended that all landing areas (vault, bars, beam) be equipped with 4” matting equal to the width of the landing area (base mat).
  • If a hand placement mat is used, it must be placed on the vault runway Velcro side down.
  • The required warm-up time for Level 4 is now 45 seconds.
  • New music is available for compulsories. Either new music or old music is allowed. 

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