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Posted: 10.29.2009

As a new optional season starts, coaches and judges should continue to use the guidelines that were presented in the summer clinics and judging courses.  The USAG Women’s Technical Committee and the Junior Olympic Committee place a strong emphasis on excellence of execution.   Deductions at all competitions should follow this principle.  There are several updates and changes I would like to remind you of:


Q&A- There is a question and answers section on the regional web page under the technical section.   Questions can be submitted on line.  Answers will be available on this site for all to see.  This should help keep us all on the same wave length in this busy year with all of the new rules.  You can access this Question and Answer at Q & A.



There is also a specific place to submit Prep Opt Questions and Answers.  You can found that at PREP Opt Q & A.


Judges’ Accreditation - Clarifications regarding procedures:

-    All past ratings are valid through the end of December 31, 2009

-     Judge’s must have tested and received a new rating by December 31, 2009 in order to judge in 2010.  Remember to plan ahead.  The assignor may have to set a date earlier than December 31 in order to obtain a replacement judge.

-    Former judges who have no current rating may start testing again at the level they previously held.

-    Judges who hold a current foreign Brevet and are now living in the U.S. will be required to submit documentation of their Brevet and attend a Level 10 Optional judging/rules clinic prior to being assigned to a Jr. Olympic meet. A person who held a foreign Brevet in the past, but does not hold a current Brevet rating, may begin testing at Level 10.

-    All Optional-rated officials must test at Level 5/6 in order to judge at the Compulsory levels.

-    CPE deficient: If there is a need to assign a judge who has not completed their CPE, the assignor must inform the meet referee, so that the specific judge’s fee will be reduced by $5.00 per hour as per the Rules and Policies, page 66, A. 9. c.2).

-    When hosting a clinic, it is the clinic organizer’s responsibility to have staff available, in addition to the clinician, to sign the CPE forms. Reminder that for multi-track clinics (like Regional Congress), only sessions that pertain to coaching and/or judging of competitive gymnastics can be used for CPE hours. It was suggested to designate the CPE-eligible sessions by an asterisk and to title the judging/coaching tracks as Women’s Artistic, rather than judges/coaches.




Petitions - In order to petition to the Level 9 or 10 Regional Championships, the coach must provide a photocopy of a least one pre-state meet score from the current season (at the level to which the gymnast is petitioning) indicating that she has achieved an All-Around score that is a minimum of 35.00 AA.  If the gymnast competed in the previous year’s Regional, East/West or National meet, she may submit that All-Around score, provided that it is a minimum of 35.00 AA and is also at the level to which the gymnast is petitioning.


Petitions for Regionals should be mailed to Marian Dykes with a copy faxed to Debby Kornegay – it is the coaches responsibility to get all information needed for the petition.  The petition must be received no later than the Wednesday following the state meet.  Please call or FAX Marian to notify her that a petition is coming.  A check for the entry fee must accompany the petition sent to Marian.  If the petition is accepted, Marian will forward the check to the Meet Director.


Qualification to Level 7 & 8 Regionals is by placement.  Therefore, there are no petitions to Level 7 or 8 Regionals. Prep Opt requires participation in the state meet.  Therefore there are no petitions to Prep Opt Regionals.

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