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Posted: 09.10.2008

A time line for 2009 optional rules changes:
• Basic rules changes will be released as soon as the Minutes of the Joint JO and WTC Meeting are approved. That should be by October 31, 2008.
• Details of the rules changes will be released April 1, 2009.
• The new JO Optional Code of Points will be available June 1, 2009
• Judges who are eligible for National and USA Brevet courses should have already received a letter of intent. Official invitations should go out around November 1, 2008.
• All compulsory ratings are good through 2013. This is automatic. Judges will not need to take any action for there rating to continue.
• The compulsory book is currently being reprinted. All updates and changes that have happened since 2005 will appear in this new revision.
• The current optional judges’ exams may be given through March 31, 2009. Since the rules will change for the 2009-2010 season no optional test under the old rules will be allowed after that date.
• The first optional exam under the new rules for Level 8-10 will be offered at National Congress

The Region 8 USAG Committee will continue to make regional assignments in the summer. The USAG Region 8 Committee at their summer meeting made assignments for both 2009 regional championships. These assignments can be found in the minutes posted on-line. If you are a judge interested in being considered for a regional meet, you will find the regional availability form as well as the in gym card experience form on the Region 8 Web site. While no judge is guaranteed an assignment, meeting all of the criteria year after year is noticed.

 In-gym experience cards for regionals 2010 will only be on line. These cards can be completed using in gym experiences from June 1, 2008 - June 1, 2009. This June 1 due date is a date received. Please be sure you meet this firm deadline. Any Level 10 or higher judge must complete this card to be eligible for consideration by the Region 8 Board for assignment to a regional meet in 2010.

Remember, you will not receive an individual mailing. Completed forms and in-gym cards must be printed off of the website and returned to Marian Dykes with copies to Sheila Ragle and received by June 1, 2009.

All optional judges are required to re-certify in 2009.

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