Former Elite Athletes Now Competing in the JO Program

Posted: 01.11.2018

Do you have any former Elite athletes that now plan to compete in the JO Program? If so, these athletes MUST petition to drop back to JO through the Junior Olympic Committee Chair, Tom Koll, BEFORE they compete in the JO Program. Any scores obtained in a USA Gym sanctioned competition prior to approved drop back CANNOT be used for qualification or petition to state championships. Please see page 126 of R&P for full details:
I. An Elite gymnast may choose to return to the Junior Olympic Program (Level 10) the following competitive year by sending a “reason for change” letter FROM HER COACH to the National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman.
1.    All petitions must be received at least three weeks prior to the Level 10 State Meet.
2.    The National Junior Olympic Committee will review the petition and the Chairman will notify the coach of the acceptance/denial of the petition and will copy the respective State and Regional Administrative Committee Chairmen.
3.    Accepted petitioned athletes may not re-enter the Elite/HOPES Program during that Elite competitive year.

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