2011 Regionals

Age Group Region 8 Judges' Availability and Experience Resume

Name: Home #
Address: Work #
City: State: Zip:
E-mail Address:
USA Gymnastics #: Expiration Date: //
Current Ratings Held: (2009-2010) (Must hold a new Level 10 or higher Rating)

Availability Name of Meet Site Dates
Level 8 Regionals Atlanta, GA April 7-10, 2011*
Level 9 & 10 Regionals TBD April 14-17, 2011*
Level 9 Eastern Nationals** Region 7 May 5-8, 2011*
Level 10 J.O. Nationals** Long Beach, CA May 12-15, 2011*

If availability changes please notify Marian Dykes and Sheila Ragle.

* Please note that travel may be necessary on Thursday, Friday and/or Monday if you are assigned to one of these meets.

** Please refer to criteria in the Region 8 Rules and Regulation at www.region8gymnastics.org.

In order to be considered to judge Level 10, 9 or 8 Regionals you must have attended at least one of the following clinics. Please indicate which clinic(s) you have attended:

If you wish to have any other clinic(s) considered, you must submit your request to Marian Dykes for approval by the Region 8 USAG committee. Please list the date, site, instructors and what this experience afforded you.

In order to be considered to judge Level 10, 9 or 8 Regionals you must have at least 9 hours in-gym experience at the level of regional you are assigned to or higher. Was this card completed and filed with Marian Dykes with a copy to Sheila Ragle by 5/15/09?

How many Junior Olympic optional invitationals, not NCAA, have you judged or contracted to judge from 6/02/2009 to 5/15/2010?

  Level 8  
  Level 9  
  Level 10  
Please list meets you have been contracted to judge:

Please specify miscellaneous expenses for which you would expect reimbursement:

$ Airport Parking
$ Travel to/from the Airport @ current IRS rate x miles round trip
$ Tolls
$ Other Expenses(be specific)
Please indicate the nearest departure airport:
Do you have any special dietary restraints?
Please list dietary restraints:

Other Information

Gym Affiliation:
Place of Employment: How early can you leave?

Please complete all of this form. Also be sure your In Gym Card was completed and sent to:

You must send your In Gym to: Marian Dykes
4651 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30341
Please send a copy to: Shelia Ragle
1870 Eagle Summit Court
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-6669

By submitting this form it will be e-mailed to Marian and Sheila. This form must be completed. Failure to do so by May 15, 2010 indicates you DO NOT wish to be considered for the above-mentioned meets.