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Meetmaker information to enter Regionals

Posted: 03.13.2017

We at MeetMaker hope everyone is having a great season! As Regional meet registrations are coming soon, a few helpful tips with your registrations:
  • Remember you can upload your USA Gymnastics roster from the USA Gymnastics web site, just go to the MY ROSTER page on MeetMaker and the import link is above the gymnast roster grid. The import will also update any gymnast already in your MeetMaker roster with their new levels and update coaches with the current dates for safety, expiration, and back ground check.
  • If you have misplaced your confirmation email you can always go to the MY GYM page scroll down and we keep your registration emails on file (the newest is at the bottom).
Gyms using a pay code for regional entries, remember they have an expiration date so check with your State Chair to see when they expire as you cannot use them after this date. To use a pay code, you must enter the pay code in the payment screen by selecting the Paycode payment method option.

These are the regional meets that are online for registration:
2017 Region 8 Level 9 & 10 Regional Championships 
2017 Region 8 Level 6 Regional Championships
2017 Region 8 Level 7 Regional Championships
2017 Region 8 Level 8 Regional Championships
2017 Region 8 Xcel Regional Championships

Level 6/7/8 Regionals are listed separately due to which level each state uses pay code for payment.

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