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2017 Summer Newsletter

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Region 8 Congress

Posted: 06.02.2017

Region 8 Congress is June 23-25, 2017 at Crowne Plaza Atlanta at Ravinia, 4355 Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30346

Visit for details and to Register.

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Thank you to Region 8 Meet Hosts!

Posted: 06.02.2017

Thank you to Region 8 Meet Hosts!  This is one of the best years of Regional competitions in my history of being Region 8 Administrative Committee Chairman.  All with fabulous facilities and many hard working volunteers.

Sarah Myers, Kidsport Gymnastics and the North Carolina State Committee members did a fabulous job at Level 9 & 10 Regionals.  On the Thursday of this competition we woke up to many cancelled flights for athletes, coaches, and judges, but the competition went off without any issues thanks to everyone's hard work! 

Joanne and Vladimir Novikov and Planet Gymnastics did an outstanding job hosting Level 6/7/8 Regionals in Mobile, AL.  The march in with lights and fog was wonderful.  Region 8 appreciate Planet Gymnastics hosting another Regional competition for us.

Sally Thomas and Thomas Gymnastics staff made running over 2,500 Xcel athletes look like a breeze!  This competition had some cancelled flights also, but everything went off very well!  They were even able to fit the march in with fog and lights for every session with all these competitors!

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2019 Regional Host Bids

Posted: 06.02.2017

If you are interesting in bidding on Level 9/10, Level 6/7/8 and/or Xcel Regionals for 2019 please contact Deb Kornegay for more information.

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Region 8 Training Camp Forms

Posted: 06.02.2017

Region 8 Training Camp Forms.

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Admin, JO, Tech and Xcel Minutes now availble

Posted: 06.14.2017

ALL Women’s Program Minutes from the May meetings are now approved and posted on the

USA Gymnastics web site.

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