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All of Region 8's volunteer state and regional officers meet with USA Gymnastics new CEO

Posted: 03.02.2018

I am proud to let you know that all 8 State Chairman and all 4 Regional Chairman met with 76 other state, regional, and national chairman, from all over the country, and USA Gymnastics new CEO Kerry Perry and USA Gymnastics Women's programs National staff members yesterday.

I came away from the meeting with renewed confidence that USA Gymnastics is doing the right things to correct past errors and to move forward to be better than ever! Better communication with athletes, clubs, coaches, parents, and judges has already began and more will start soon. Look for video during American Cup coverage this weekend.

This is a statement from the 88 volunteer chairman that met February 28, 2018 in Indianapolis:

USA Gymnastics holds the highest standard of care for athletes and members.

We have the desire to rebuild and to move forward.

We have the opportunity right now, in the history of USA Gymnastics, in our sport, and in our country, to lead, saying, we are going to get it right. By doing that, we will honor our athletes who have been impacted and we will honor all USA Gymnastics members and participants, including, but not limited to, athletes, coaches, parents, judges, and volunteers.

We will not be the organization that shuts the doors, changes the name, and puts a new face on the same institution.

At the end of the day, we have an opportunity to improve USA Gymnastics. We have an obligation to meet the challenge that has been set before us and to become a better organization. It is about sharing positive gymnastics stories and getting it right.

We will get it right.

Eighty-Eight Women’s Program USA Gymnastics National, Regional, and State leaders stood today to wholeheartedly support USA Gymnastics.

Here are some of the highlights:

Athlete Assistance fund has been set up to assist affected athletes
Athlete Task Force has been set up to help shape our future
The Ranch training center has been closed and USA gymnastics is working to set up a world class Training center for all the disciplines of USA gymnastics
Kerry Perry, CEO has set up and attended listening forums at clubs around the country with coaches, athletes, parents and professional members to discuss safe sport and ideas for the future of USA gymnastics

We would love to have your positive thoughts to help us move forward. If you have a special positive story about an athlete that shows how gymnastics can impact athlete's lives, please send it to me. If your club is making changes in your policies that may go over and beyond what Safe Sport is doing or you have an idea that will benefit our athletes/coaches and clubs please send it to me. We can not let the bad press from Nassar define who we are and take away all of the positive things that our sport provides. Be a part of making our sport better than it has ever been.

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Region 8 Judges Availability

Posted: 02.15.2018

There was an update in Adobe that canceled the addition of the Session Tracking Form. 


Region 8 Judges Availability for 2019 Regionals and Nationals is ready for use.  You must have Adobe Reader for fields to populate throughout forms.  Click HERE for 2018 Judges Availability form.

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2018 Tim Rand Memorial Golf Scramble

Posted: 02.08.2018

2018 Tim Rand Memorial Golf Scramble

June 10, 2018

Golf Course: Tanglewood Golf Course

Hosted by: The Region 8 Committee


11:00 a.m. – Registration and Boxed Lunch

12:00 p.m. – Shotgun Start


Please join us for a fun filled day of golf, prizes and food to commemorate Tim Rand's passing by doing something that he loved. All proceeds from this event will directly support t “TR Legends Fund”. This fund gives thousands of dollars annually to the membership of Region 8. To make this event the best it can possibly be we are looking for golfers to take part in what we feel is going to be a wonderful day!


The Tournament will be a four-person scramble. We will have prizes and other fun contests available for those who wish to take part. After the tournament we will have an awards ceremony, raffle give-away’s, a silent auction and buffet in the beautiful clubhouse.


The price per player is $100.00. Please make all checks payable to: Region 8 USAG.


Schedule of Events


11:00 a.m. – Registration, sale of “Mulligans” and raffle ticket packages, Boxed Lunch


11:30 a.m. – Rules Meeting


12:00 p.m. – Shotgun Start


After Tournament – Awards Reception, Raffle Give-Aways, Silent Auction and Buffet.


Tournament Organizer: Brad Harris  and Kenny Morphis


Golf Course


Tanglewood Golf Course

4201 Manor House Circle

Clemmons, NC 27012

(336) 703-6421


The golfer registration form.

For gyms or individuals willing to sponsor this event, the form is here.

Thanks and hope to see you there.

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Safe Sport Webinar

Posted: 01.29.2018

Informative Safe Sport video originally presented in the fall of 2017.

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Petition Forms

Posted: 01.22.2018

Petition forms for Level 9 & 10 Regionals and Xcel Regionals are available. Please use form link below and not the petition form from the national USA Gymnastics website. Petition Form, Letter from Coach and scores must be received by midnight Monday after your State Championship. There are no petitions to Level 6/7/8 Regionals since athletes qualify by percentage. NOTE: Regional qualification scores for Xcel athletes have been raised for the 2018 season. Petition scores must be 1.00 higher than qualification score.
Petitions may be sent as early as coach determines that the athlete will be unable to compete at their state championship.
Petition scores are as follows:
Bronze  38.00 or greater                       Xcel Petition Form 
Silver  37.50 or greater
Gold   37.00 or greater
Platinum 36.50 or greater
Diamond 36.00 AA or greater
Level 9 36.00 AA or greater                  Level 9 & 10 Petition Form   
Level 10 36.00 AA or greater

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JO Athletes who are not US Citizens

Posted: 01.11.2018

If you have ANY athletes, JO or Xcel, on your team that are NOT US citizens, or have represented a foreign country in an international competition, please read Chapter 2, pages 30-33 of the Women’s R&P. Each case is different, so please make sure you know the rules and follow the steps listed on page 32 of the Women’s R&P to insure your athlete eligible to compete.

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2018 Class ´╗┐Region 8 Hall of Fame

Posted: 01.11.2018

The 2018 Class for Region 8 Hall of Fame are as follows:
Melody LaFleur
Tim Lucas (posthumously)
Darlene Rose
Please join us as we induct these well deserved coaches at the banquet at Region 8 Congress on Friday, June 8, 2018. As you order tickets, if you are attending to honor a specific inductee, please put their name on your order form. This will assist with table assignments that are arranged prior to the banquet.

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Bids Awarded

Posted: 01.11.2018

2018 Training Camps
Level 6/7/8 Training Camp        Bull City                      July 20-22, 2018
National Team Training Camp  University of Georgia  September 7-9, 2018
Level 8/9/10 Training Camp      LaFleur’s Tampa         October 19-21, 2018
2019 Regional Championships

Level 9/10 Regionals      GAA at LakePoint Sporting Community Center       
Level 6/7/8 Regionals     Ultimate Gym Sports at Chattanooga Convention Center
Xcel Regionals                Foothills Gymnastics at Hickory Metro Convention Center

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Region 8 January 2018 Newsletter

Posted: 01.10.2018

Region 8 January 2018 newsletter was emailed January 10th.  If you are an active member of USA Gymnastics and live in Region 8 and did not receive this newsletter, please update your information at USA Gymnastics under Membership, then My Profile.


To receive copy of January 2018 newsletter email Deb.

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Region 8 Committee Minutes

Posted: 01.02.2018

Minutes from the December 5, 2017 Region 8 Committee meeting are available HERE.

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